Texas Machine-Gun & Ordnance (TXMGO) is located in Dickinson, TX just South of Houston.

At first glance, TXMGO may appear to be just another take on one of the thousands of gunstores spread across Texas, all peddling what amount to commodity items. However behind TXMGO's firearms retail and manufacturing operations; is a nimble, innovative, and dynamic defense services provider with a small footprint, but worldwide reach.

TXMGO brings capabilities to lawfully engage in activities which previously were the exclusive purview of large and entrenched defense conglomerates. TXMGO brings these potent capabilities to market in the form of a small veteran-owned company, which punches well above its weight.

As the holder of 4 separate BATFE firearms and explosives licenses, 2 classes of Special Occupational Taxpayer (SOT), ATF Importer Registration, and ITAR Registration; TXMGO is able to lawfully manufacture, deal in, import, export, and broker nearly any defense related item.

As a Type 10, Manufacturer of Destructive Devices, Federal Firearms License (FFL); and Type 20, Manufacturer of High-Explosives, Federal Explosives License (FEL) holder; TXMGO can lawfully manufacture virtually any firearm, ammunition, or other of weapon imaginable, including explosive munitions.

As a Type 08, Importer of Firearms, FFL; Type 23, Importer of High-Explosives, FEL; and ATF registered importer; TXMGO is able to import a wide variety of firearms, ammunition, explosives, explosive accessory, or "Implement of War" on the United States Munitions List (USML), which includes fuses for explosive munitions.

With our International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registration, TXMGO is able apply for, and receive licenses to facilitate the export of any defense-related articles on the USML, or to serve as a broker for such transfers. As such, we are able to offer our services to assist in the lawful export of ITAR controlled items.

TXMGO may have started on the fairly simple premise of an innovative, and original firearms manufacturing company, which it will never turn its back on. Yet TXMGO seeks to do much more than peddle Glocks and assemble ARs. Instead TXMGO actively seeks to disrupt the status quo, to offer more and better options, in as many areas as possible; to shake up what is a largely saturated market.

To TXMGO, disrupting the status quo, is done through thinking strategically as the diverse defense services company it is, not the mere gunshop it may initially appear to be. TXMGO is obsessively focused on things better than has been done before; and not being chained to conventional thinking, or how things have always been done.

This manifests itself by innovative and novel approaches and solutions to challenges faced; aggressive and audacious action on opportunities as they present themselves, while remaining firmly grounded in prudence and within the law; and basing our actions on integrity and treating others as we wish to be treated. Through this, TXMGO will always lawfully, safely, and professionally push boundaries of what has been done before, and to continue to defy expectations.

Meet Our Team

Sean Lindley

Sean Lindley

Founder and Manager

Tom Thornton

Tom Thornton

Staff Engineer

Simon Riece

Simon Riece

Technical Consultant