Texas Machine-Gun & Ordnance (TXMGO) is disabled veteran-owned-and-operated, BATFE-licensed Manufacturer, Importer, and Dealer of Firearms and Explosives, based in Dickinson, Texas.

We hold the following licenses from the BATFE:

Type 20, Manufacturer of Destructive Devices, Federal Firearms LicenseType 08, Importer of Firearms, Federal Firearms License
Type 20, Manufacturer of High-Explosives, Federal Explosives License
Type 23, Importer of High-Explosives, Federal Explosives License

These expensive and difficult to get licenses, allow us to lawfully build many of the exotic firearms and explosives devices we build.

Yet we are so much more than just building things which blow up. We also specialize in building unique firearms, many from a bygone era, such as our M16A1 style rifles and our XM177 style rifle. We offer rifles from the movies any firearms enthusiast loves such as "My Little Friend" from Scarface and Predator and our M733 clone to pay homage to the bank shootout on Heat. Also on our offering is military style rifles, such as our Israel Defense Forces line, GWOT M4-style rifle (Rip-It and Reflective Belt included), and M16A2 clone.

And finally, TXMGO is also an ITAR-registered and licensed Importer of firearms and explosives. If you require a firearm (including NFA items) or explosives to be imported to the United States, we can assist you with that.

TXMGO's goal is to both push boundaries of what has been done in the firearms industry before, and to bring new and innovative products to market. As more and more of our operations come to fruition, we will offer a wider variety of items available.