With our staff of experienced and military-trained blasters, led by a former US Navy Explosives Ordnance Disposal technician, TXMGO offers light blasting services for various customers. This can be blasting trees or tree stumps for agricultural purposes, blasting rocks that are otherwise unable to be removed, or a nuisance beaver dam. Or we you can bring us out just for the fun of blowing things up. We do not offer any technical blasting, such as demolishing buildings in confined areas.

There are many safety, technical and legal variables when it comes to being able to utilize explosives for a specific situation and location, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Though explosives are a valuable tool, and are not inherently dangerous; they must at all times be treated with respect, caution, and an obsessive focus on safety. These factors often limit the situations where explosives are an appropriate solution.

The minimum charge for explosives within a 50 mile driving distance from our shop is $650. Additional miles traveled beyond 50, are $1.07 per mile (GSA rate for both ways). If the distance is over 150 miles, or is a multi-day event; an additional per-day fee based on the GSA per diem for the area  will be charged. If accommodation and/or food is provided, the per diem will be reduced by half. A $450 minimum of explosives will be allotted and billed for each additional day on-site.

Our Pricing Structure is as follows:

Fuse Detonator  $30/ea
Command Detonator  $50/ea
Det-Cord under 500ft Total $2.00/ft
Det-Cord over 500t Total $1.75/ft
Pound of High-Explosives (under 50lbs total) $25/ea
Pound of High-Explosives (50lbs-100lbs total $23.50/ea
Additional Pounds of Explosives (over 100lbs total) $20/ea

Due to DOT Hazmat requirements on explosive materials, we use binary, liquid explosives, combined with detonation cord which detonate at approximately 21,000 fps. C4 detonates at approximately 26,500 fps, Dynamite at approximately 24,000 fps, and TNT at 26,000 fps. If you would like to use other explosives such as C4 or dynamite, they are an option; but the cost is significantly higher, and the transportation fees are very expensive.

If you are interested in hiring TXMGO do your blasting, please contact us with the details of your needs; and we will evaluate how we can possibly assist you.