Ask most any rural land-owner here in Texas; and they will tell you about the destruction and damage wrecked by feral hogs, and the threat they pose to Texas' native environment. According to the USDA, traditional hunting techniques are not sufficient to halt the spread of this invasive species, which cost approximately $1.5 billion in damages each year.

To help counteract this scourge, we offer landowners unique tools to deal with hog infestations. In addition to firearms, Texas law permits the use of explosives and explosive Destructive Devices such as Claymore-style devices, to eliminate wild pigs. With our wide variety of suppressed fully automatic firearms, explosives, and explosive devices; no other company is able to offer the landowner such a wide variety of options to decisively stop the destruction of their property.

Our minimum fee within a 50 mile driving distance based on Google Maps, from our shop is $599. Additional miles traveled beyond the first 50 are $1.07 per mile (GSA rate both ways). If the distance is over 150 miles, or is a multi-day event; an additional per-day fee based on the GSA per diem for the area will be charged. If accommodations and/or food is provided, the per diem will be reduced by half. A $499 minimum of explosives and/or ammunition will be allotted and billed for each additional day on site.

If firearms are included, up to 3 suppressed or unsuppressed machine-guns equipped with NVG-compatible infrared lasers, 3 sets of night-vision, and a thermal scope scope for spotting can be added to the package with an addition charge of $199. Magazines can be purchased at $25 per 25rd magazine and 100rd belts of ammunition for an M249 SAW for $125; with discounts for purchasing 10 or more receiving a 10% discount, and 20 or more receiving a 20% discount. 

At the moment we are only providing the equipment, not the property or any vehicles. The wild hog eradication services can also be included into one of our private events, or blasting services for no additional charge.

Rates for explosives are:

Command Detonated Explosive $50/ea
Pound of Explosives (under 50lbs total) $25/ea
Pound of Explosives (50-100lbs total) $23.50/ea
Pound of Explosives (over 100lbs total) $20/ea
2lbs Command Detonated, Claymore Type Device $175/ea

All explosives will require appropriate land to utilize, and must afford stand-off distances for the device. All county and local regulations related to blasting must be observed.

Due to DOT Hazmat requirements on explosive, we use binary, liquid explosives, combined with detonation cord which detonate at approximately 21,000 fps. C4 detonates at approximately 26,500 fps, Dynamite at approximately 24,000 fops, and TNT at 26,000fps. If you would like to use other explosives, they are an option; but the cost is significantly higher, and the transportation fees are very expensive. 

We reserve the right to refuse, or cancel an event for any reason, at anytime.