IMPORT OF implements of war


As a BATFE registered Importer, TXMGO is able to import more than just firearms and explosives. We are also able to import what the ATF broadly defines as "Implements of War", which is any item on the United States Munitions List (USML). This includes things such as firearms parts kits minus receivers and "non-sporting" barrels, firearms accessories, gas masks and such. Provided the item meets the ATF's import criteria, TXMGO will be able to secure ATF approval for its importation.

As the process for individual items is very complex, please contact us for a quote on importing such items.



As a Type 10, Manufacturer of Destructive Devices, FFL; and Type 20, Manufacturer of Explosives; TXMGO is able to facilitate a wide variety of Research & Development for other companies who may not wish to invest in such expensive and difficult to acquire licensing.

From the testing of weapons, explosives, blast-resistance and survivability against various threats, or any other type of R&D related to weapons and explosives; TXMGO is happy to contract with legitimate business and government agencies to conduct such R&D.


If you are interested in turning your event or party into a literal blast, and you have the space; TXMGO can help you have a unique, professionally run, and safe event. We can bring machine-guns to shoot, grenade-launchers to fire, flamethrowers to burn things with; and with the right amount of property, even explosives to detonate and/or to blow things up with (cars, appliances, etc). Unfortunately at this time we do not have the required space to host such an event; yet we are able to come to your property, or a range near you.

Additionally, we can combine a private event with our blasting services, and/or Wild Boar Eradication Services for an additional $99 if night-vision equipment is required.

Our base price within a 50 mile driving distance, based on Google Mapsfrom our shop is $599. Additional miles traveled beyond 50, are $1.07 per mile (GSA rate for both ways). If the distance is over 150 miles, or is a multi-day event; an additional per-day fee based on the GSA per diem for the area will be charged. If accommodations and/or food is provided, the per diem will be reduced by half. A $499 minimum of explosives and/or ammunition will be alloted and billed for each additional day on site.

Included in the base price is the following:

150 rounds 9mm/45ACP (MP5, full-auto Glock, 1911, etc)
150 rounds 5.56mm (M16, etc) or 7.62x39 (AK47)
150 round belt for M249 SAW
25 rounds of 12/20 gauge birdshot
3x 40mm M781 40mm training "Chalk" rounds

Additional ammunition can be purchased at the following rates:

25rd Magazine 9mm $20
25rd Magazine 5.56/7.62x39 $25
75rd Drum 7.62x39 $75
50rd Belt for M249 SAW $75
100rd Belt for M249 SAW $125
25rd Magazine 300 Blackout Subsonic $50
5 rounds 12 Gauge Buckshot  $10
25 round box of 12/20 Gauge Birdshot $15

With the proper amount of property to safely contain explosions, Explosives can also be included at the following rates:

Per Blasting Cap $50/ea
Det-Cord under 500ft Total $2.00/ft
Det-Cord over 500ft Total $1.75ft
Pound of High-Explosives under 50lbs Total $25/ea
Pound of High-Explosives 50lbs-100lbs Total $23.50/ea
Pound of High-Explosives over 100lbs Total $20.00

Due to DOT Hazmat requirements on explosive, we use binary, liquid explosives, combined with detonation cord which detonate at approximately 21,000 fps. C4 detonates at approximately 26,500 fps, Dynamite at approximately 24,000 fops, and TNT at 26,000fps. If you would like to use other explosives, they are an option; but the cost is significantly higher, and the transportation fees are very expensive. 

Use of the X-15 Flamethrower is $75 per fill, and will be dependant upon local and county regulations, such as burn bans


We reserve the right to refuse, or cancel an event for any reason, at anytime.



TXMGO is registered and fully compliant with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and stringently follows all Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) regulations.

As an ITAR registered company, TXMGO is able to apply for Export Licenses for items on the United States Munitions List (USML). Thus we can assist in brokering, and securing licenses for the export of various items found on the USML. From gas masks and dual use technology; to combat aircraft and advanced weapon systems; we can assist you in securing export licenses to lawfully export defense technology.

As the complexity of the importation process can vary greatly, please contact us for a quote on this service.



Explosive Import

TXMGO is an ATF Type 23, Importer of High-Explosives, Federal Explosives License holder. As such TXMGO is able to import explosives, blackpowder, and explosive accessories on behalf of other FEL holders. If you are interested in our facilitating an importation of explosives, please contact us to discuss the options available. Furthermore with our importer FFL, we are able to import a wide variety of fuses for various munitions (hand-grenades, 40mm grenades, mortars, etc).

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of explosives to anyone, for any reason.


Engraved Rifle

As the holder of Type 08, Importer of Firearms, Federal Firearms License; and Class 01, Importer of NFA Firearms, Special Occupational Taxpayer;TXMGO is able to offer our services both to private individuals; and to fellow FFLs and Law Enforcement agencies small volumes of firearms (for over 10 firearms, see commercial importing) of firearms and ammunition on their behalf. For SOTs with a law-enforcement demo-letter, we can import NFA items for you. If you need firearms exporting, please see our Firearms Exporting services.

The due to a variety of Executive Orders and ATF rulings, certain firearms, such as "assault weapons", NFA items, US Military Surplus rifles, "non-sporting" firearms and their barrels, etc; are not eligible for import for private citizens. If you have a question about an item you wish to import, please contact us, and we will be happy to advise you of your options.


Required Fees:

1-3 Guns Base Fee $399
3-10 Addtional Guns $30/ea
10+ Volume Import See commercial Importing

ATF Required Engraving*
CBP Tariff on Rifles**
CBP Tariff on Shotguns**
CBP Tariff on Handguns**
ATF Excise Tax on Handguns***
ATF Excise Tax on Long-Guns***
Miscellaneous Import Fees****

4.7% of Declared Value
2.6% of Declared Value
$0.14/ea + 3% of Declared Value
10% of Declared Value
11% of Declared Value
Usually $50-$100 (N/A if We Arrange Shipping)

Optional Services:

Shipping to US from abroad
Forwarding to US FFL
Payment of ATF Excise Tax for Customer***
Payment of Foreign Export Fees
$50+ Actual Cost if We Arrange
$35 for First Firearm, $20/ea Additional (if not picked up from TXMGO)
$50+ Actual Cost
$50+ Actual Cost if We Pay

*ATF Requires that all firearms imported the the United States be marked with the Importer's information. Firearms will be marked as inconspicuously as possible with "TXMGO" and "Dickinson, TX" below.

** General planning rate. Various additional fees or rates may apply for certain firearms; and firearms with acessories, such as optics.

*** All firearms imported from abroad are subject to an excise tax of 10% on handguns and 11% on long-guns. As TXMGO is only acting as the importer, not the seller or purchaser; the person receiving the guns in the U.S. is liable for payment of the excise tax. We require a signed statement from the person receiving the firearm, that they are aware that they are personally liable for the excise tax, and are required to pay that amount directly to ATF. However for an additional fee, TXMGO will pay the excise tax on the customer's behalf.

**** Various fees are assesseted by CBP for importing items into the US, these include the Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF), of 0.3464%, with a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $485; if mailed or brought in by air. If brought in by sea,  a Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) of .125 percent is collected. Additionally many airlines, and ports assess a processing fee, storage fee, or other charge. Any extra storage fees incurred due to TXMGO's oversight or mistake, will not be charged to the customer. However any storage fees arising from circumstances beyond our control, such as Customs not releasing an item, will be billed to the customer.


Texas Machine-Gun & Ordnance (TXMGO) is disabled veteran-owned-and-operated, BATFE-licensed Manufacturer, Importer, and Dealer of Firearms and Explosives, based in Dickinson, Texas.

We hold the following licenses from the BATFE:

Type 20, Manufacturer of Destructive Devices, Federal Firearms LicenseType 08, Importer of Firearms, Federal Firearms License
Type 20, Manufacturer of High-Explosives, Federal Explosives License
Type 23, Importer of High-Explosives, Federal Explosives License

These expensive and difficult to get licenses, allow us to lawfully build many of the exotic firearms and explosives devices we build.

Yet we are so much more than just building things which blow up. We also specialize in building unique firearms, many from a bygone era, such as our M16A1 style rifles and our XM177 style rifle. We offer rifles from the movies any firearms enthusiast loves such as "My Little Friend" from Scarface and Predator and our M733 clone to pay homage to the bank shootout on Heat. Also on our offering is military style rifles, such as our Israel Defense Forces line, GWOT M4-style rifle (Rip-It and Reflective Belt included), and M16A2 clone.

And finally, TXMGO is also an ITAR-registered and licensed Importer of firearms and explosives. If you require a firearm (including NFA items) or explosives to be imported to the United States, we can assist you with that.

TXMGO's goal is to both push boundaries of what has been done in the firearms industry before, and to bring new and innovative products to market. As more and more of our operations come to fruition, we will offer a wider variety of items available.


PO Box 9091
Bacliff, TX

Email: info@txmgo.com

Phone: 281-749-1438

Hours: By Appointment Only


Texas residents will be charged a 6.25% sales tax, except at gunshows where local tax rates will apply.

All firearms must be purchased in full compliance with all laws and regulations, a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background check will be performed, and an ATF Form 4473 will be filled out. For out-of-state customers, Title 1 (non-NFA) firearms must be transferred to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) for subsequent transfer to the end user.

NFA items (machine-guns, suppressors, SBRs, SBSs, DDs and AOWs) must transfer either via an ATF Form 3 to a fellow FFL and Special Occupational Taxpayer (SOT); or with a tax-paid, ATF approved Form 4 to Texas residents. A Form 4 to a private citizen will require submission of photographs and fingerprints to the ATF, an extensive background check, and a 5-6 month wait-time before ATF approval and final transfer to the end-user.

All physical transfers of firearms must occur either at TXMGO's licensed facility, or at a gunshow. No exceptions will be made.

Imports of firearms or items on the United States Munitions List (USMIL), are subject to all laws and regulations; and will require ATF approval. The export of any USMIL items (firearms, NVGs, etc) or Intellectual Property related to such items, will be done in full compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR); and only under an approved license from of the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC).

Transfer or Import of explosives, explosives material (blasting caps, det-cord, etc), and explosive Destructive Devices (flashbangs, fragmentation grenades, 40mm HE ammunition, etc); will only be done to fellow FEL holders or government agencies, who must comply with all Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.


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