Firearms Exporter


The U.S. Department of State (DOS), Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) regulates the permanent export, temporary import and temporary export of rifles, handguns and ammunition. As a registered ITAR exporter under the International Track in Arms Regulations (ITAR), TXMGO is able to offer our firearms exporter services for dealers, distributors and individuals.. We can informally prepare the required paperwork for you take a firearm out of the country temporarily, such as for a hunting; or to apply for a license to permanently export a firearm either for yourself, or for someone overseas, as a gift, or other reason. We can also serve as your formal exporter for firearms.

Below is our basic fees. Each circumstance and country is different from the other, so various additional fees may apply.

Informally Preparing US Paperwork for Temporary Exports (Firearm Returns to the United States):
Sporting Shotguns: $150
Rifle/Pistol: $199

Informally Preparing US Paperwork for Permanent Exports (Firearm Does Not Return to the United States):
Sporting Shotguns: $199
Rifle/Pistol: $250

Formally Serving as Exporter of Firearms Under a State Department Export License
Permanent Export: $699 
Temporary Export: $699 for up to 5 Firearms or Other Defense Articles + $25/month it is out of country

Additional Charges:

Shipping $100+ Actual Cost if we Arrange
Preparing Foreign Paperwork $150
Additional Misc. Fees for Specific Country
Translations of Documents

$100 Per Fee+ Actual Cost if we Pay/Arrange
$50+ Actual Cost