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  • LMT Barrel-Mounted M203 Grenade Launcher

This is the traditional M203 Grenade Launcher, that has been the United States Military's standard grenade launcher. It can be mounted to M16 and M4 rifles with the mounting brackets, or also in conjunction with a Knights Armament rail system. This version is newly manufactured by Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT). It is avaliable to both 9" and 12" configurations.

This is an NFA item, and must transfer in accordance with all NFA laws and regulations. Texas residents may puchase this item directly from TXMGO, and transfer it via a Form 4. All other states must transfer it through an SOT in your state. Though this normally requires a Type 09/10/11 FFL, ATF authorizes up to 2 Destructive Device transfers per year, for any SOT.

LMT Barrel-Mounted M203 Grenade Launcher

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