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  • NFA Legal Molotov Cocktail Build

This is a service to register a glass bottle you provide as a Molotov Cocktail, registered as a Destructive Device (DD) under the National Firearms Act (yes, Molotov Cocktails are NFA, and you will go to jail for making a non-registered one). We have made Vodka bottles, Scotch Bottles, and even a 6 pack of Shiner Bock into 100% legal Molotov Cocktails.

This is not something you just buy over-the-counter. It transfers in full compliance with NFA laws, its owner is explicitly registered with the ATF, will take 5-6 months to get after a detailed background check, and payment of a $200 transfer taxService includes custom laser engraving and S/N. The device transfers like any other NFA item. Though this usually requires a Type 09/10/11 FFL to transfer, any SOT can transfer up to 2 DDs in a calendar year tax free.

THIS IS INTENDED AS A NOVELTY ITEM, for you to put on display and amuse your friends. If you use it, it's one-time use, and you burned your money up.

Why should you have us make you a Molotov Cocktail? Because all profits go directly to R&D on new types of NFA items we want to bring to market for the law-abiding citizen, such as a reusable Molotov Cocktail (yes, they're DD), affordable 60mm mortar with subcal system, a recoilless rifles, and much more.


Molotov Primary


Ever Seen a Six Pack of 100% legal Shiner Bock Molotov Cocktails? Well now you have.

Molov Shiner



Shiner Molotov1


Molotov Scotch


NFA Legal Molotov Cocktail Build

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