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Our IDF Carbines are replicas modeled after the M16s carried by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and come with genuine IDF-issue accessories, such as the slings, handguard band, and magazine holder.

The IDF has several unique takes on the M16 platform, but there is no true "standard" M16 in the IDF. Instead if were to see the weapons being carried on the streets of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem; you'd see a wide variety of barrel-lengths, grips, optics, and such. However, we have distilled that into 3 of the most commonly found types of weapons.

Many of the IDF's weapons are hand-me-downs from the United States. Our rifles are specifically molded after US Military M16A1 rifles transferred to Israel during the Yom Kippur War, as part of Operation Nickel Grass, where a huge amount of US weapons were transferred over to the IDF. Upon acceptance by the IDF, these weapons had an IDF proof-mark placed on it, in the form of a Star-of-David, which we have replicated.

As the weapons cycled through the IDF's armories, they were extensively customized by the IDF to suit their unique situation. Some M16A1s were cut down to 13" and issued as the "Menusar". Others were cut down even further into an 11.5" Commando configuration. Others later had their barrels replaced with a pre-M4, 14.5" pencil barrel.

Contrary to the US military, the IDF has many Soldiers take their weapons home with them on leave, so they can respond in the event of an unexpected attack. However, they do not carry a fully loaded weapon off-duty. Instead you will often see Soldiers carrying their weapon with them (even in civilian clothes) with a magazine attached to the weapon with a holder such as ours.

These rifles are available in a non-SBR 14.7" version with a pin & welded A1 flash-hider to replicate the IDF pre-M4 rifle; 13" (SBR) replica of the IDF's "Menusar" rifle built from a cut-down 20" M16A1 barrel; and an 11.5" (SBR) Commando version.


Package Includes:

  • A1 lower receiver engraved to match US military M16A1s transferred to IDF, with IDF acceptance marks.
  • A1 upper, with choice of 14.7”, 13", and 11.5" pencil barrel with A1 flash-suppressor, A1 forward assist, and 6-hole carbine handguards.
  • 2 position carbine stock
  • Genuine IDF issue rifle accessories (Sling Adaptors, Handguard Band, Sling, Magazine Holder)
  • IDF accessories package
  • 1 30rd magazine
  • Hard rifle case
  • CAR Aluminium Stock 

 IMG 1048IDF Front Left

IDF Rear

 IDF Right


IDF Left 

IDF Mag Holder

IDF Line Up


IDF Pile




Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Carbine

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