Texas Machine-Gun & Ordnance

Texas Machine-Gun & Ordnance is a unique and multi-lingual, specialized firearms, Destructive Device, and explosives dealer, manufacturer, importer, exporter, and broker located in Houston, TX.

TXMGO is a highly focused company, operating under the premise that if we cannot be the best at something, we will not do it. Therefore, we do not offer retail sales of general firearms, such as Glocks and hunting rifles, nor do we offer gunsmithing or FFL transfers. Rather TXMGO focuses almost exclusively on sales of Destructive Devices such as M203 40mm grenade-launchers; import and export of firearms, explosives, explosive weapons, and ITAR defense articles; business-to-business sales of weapons, explosives and explosive weapons; and Research & Development on explosives and explosive weapons.

TXMGO brings capabilities to lawfully engage in activities which previously were the exclusive purview of large and entrenched defense conglomerates; in the form of a small, Army reservist/disabled veteran-owned company, which punches well above its weight, and is able to conduct defense-related business the world over. Additionally, TXMGO has fluent speakers of Spanish, French, and German on staff, and thus we are able to do business in multiple languages. This affords TXMGO the ability to interface directly with foreign end-users to assist in consultative sales, as opposed to merely shipping goods to foreign customers.

As the holder of 4 separate BATFE firearms and explosives licenses, 2 classes of Special Occupational Taxpayer (SOT), ATF Importer Registration, and ITAR Registration; TXMGO is able to lawfully manufacture, deal in, import, export, and broker nearly any defense related item.

As a Type 10, Manufacturer of Destructive Devices, Federal Firearms License (FFL); and Type 20, Manufacturer of High-Explosives, Federal Explosives License (FEL) holder; TXMGO can lawfully manufacture virtually any firearm, ammunition, or other of weapon imaginable, including explosive munitions.

As a Type 08, Importer of Firearms, FFL; Type 23, Importer of High-Explosives, FEL; and ATF registered importer; TXMGO is able to import a wide variety of firearms, ammunition, explosives, explosive accessory, or "Implement of War" on the United States Munitions List (USML), which includes fuses for explosive munitions.

With our International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registration, TXMGO is able apply for, and receive licenses to facilitate the export of any defense-related articles on the USML, or to serve as a broker for such transfers. As such, we are able to offer our services to assist in the lawful export of ITAR controlled items.

From a customer looking to acquire an M203 40mm grenade-launcher or a fellow FFL looking to import firearms, to a small business looking for temporary or permanent export of their products or a larger company looking to outsource research and development; TXMGO is here to make it happen.