Based on the unusual things we are doing here at TXMGO, we are often asked questions about the unusual things that we do. Below is a list of topics we hope will clarify any questions.

General FAQs

Q: Do you have a retail store open to the public?
A: No, we are a very niche company specializing in Destructive Devices such as M203 40mm grenade-launchers; Import/Export of firearms, explosives, and defense technology; and less-lethal weapon sales for law-enforcement. If you are looking for retail firearms sales we recommend our friends at Texas Tactical Gear or The Arms Room.

Q: Do you do gunsmithing or firearm transfers?
A: No, due to the fact that what we do is somewhat unique and specific, we don't offer gunsmithing to the public. Our internal gunsmith, Ben Segrest handles our modifications. 

Q: Can I legally own a grenade-launcher?
A: If you state allows Destructive Devices, you can legally own a 40mm grenade-launcher.


Import FAQ:

Q: Who regulates the importation of firearms?
A: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) regulates the permanent importation of defense articles, including firearms and ammunition, and an application and Permit for Importation of Firearms, Ammunition, and Defense Articles is generally needed to import defense articles into the United States..

Q: What firearms can be imported to the United States?
A: Firearm imports are governed by a Byzantine labyrinth of laws, treaties, Executive Orders, and ATF rulings. Generally an "assault", non-sporting, or NFA weapon cannot be imported. Any U.S. military origin firearms, or firearms containing U.S. militarymanufactured parts or components, and/or foreign manufactured parts or components manufactured using U.S. military technical assistance, are not importable; examples of this would be M1 Garand rifles or an USGI M1911.

Q: How long does it take to have firearm import license approved?
A: It generally takes the ATF approximately four-to-six weeks to process a Permit for Importation of Firearms, Ammunition, and Defense Articles.

Q: Do I have to ship my firearm to the United States?
A: No, generally we are able to set things up where you can bring a firearm back in your checked luggage on a commerical flight.

Q: Can you set up export from a foreign country?
A: Maybe. Each country is different for export regulations, and we have a network of exporters in other countries we've worked with. As we have speakers of Spanish, French, and German; countries that speak those languages are the ones we are most likely to be able to assist with.

Q: How does it work?
A: We wil need some basic information from you, so we can see if the firearm is elligible for import to the United States. If it is, we will apply for the import permit on your behalf under our Importer of Firearms Federal Firearms License. After approval, we will provide the foreign shipper with the necessary documents so they may ship your firearms to the US. Once the gun is in the US, we will process the ATF paperwork and discreetly laser engrave it with our importer information "TXMGO, Houston, TX", and then either transfer it to you in person, or to a local FFL like any other firearm.

Q: What fees are involved?
A: For importing there are a variety of fees related to ATF and customs; and possible other fees depending on the physical size of the shipment, the weight of the shipment, the value of the shipment and the distance it will be traveling:

  • ATF Excise Tax:  All foreign manufactured firearms are subject to a 10%  Federal Excise Tax (FET) on handguns and 11% on long guns. Since TXMGO is not selling these items and only acting as importer of record, the person receiving the guns in the U.S. can decide not to pay FET to TXMGO. However, TXMGO will require a signed statement from the person receiving the guns that they are aware that they are personally liable for FET payment fee directly to ATF.
  • Engraving: Federal Law states that all Importers must engrave their name, city & state on the barrel of each firearm they import into the United States. Firearms will be laser engraved as inconspicuously as possible with "TXMGO" and "Houston, TX" below. The fee is $35 per firearm.
  • CBP Tariffs and Fees: Various fees are assesseted by CBP for importing items into the US, these include the Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF), of 0.3464%, with a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $485; if mailed or brought in by air. If brought in by sea,  a Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) of .125 percent is collected. Additionally many airlines, and ports assess a processing fee, storage fee, or other charge. Any extra storage fees incurred due to TXMGO's oversight or mistake, will not be charged to the customer. However any storage fees arising from circumstances beyond our control, such as Customs not releasing an item, will be billed to the customer.
  • Customs Broker Fees: Depending on the value of the firearms and the manner in which it is brought into the country, we may have to enlist to services of our customs broker.


Export FAQ:

Q: Who regulates the export of firearms?
A: The U.S. Department of State (DOS), Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) regulates the permanent export, temporary import and temporary export of rifles, handguns and ammunition; under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).