TXMGO Explosives Sales


TXMGO is able to provide not only less-lethal explosive weapons, but also general explosives for law-enforcement and other government agencies. Examples of the explosives available are:

  • Nonel, Electric, and Time-Fuse Detonators
  • Shock-Tube
  • Detonating Cord
  • Binary Explosives
  • High-Explosives*
  • Time Fuse
  • Nonel Initiators
  • Incendiary Weapons Such as Thermite Grenades

Unlike other explosive providers, we are able to provide explosive materials in retail quantities. For instance, if your department only requires 10 feet of det-cord and 2 detonators; we can provide your agency with those materials, so your agency does not need to purchase and store large amounts of it.

*Due to transportation costs and storage weight, we do not generally stock 1.1 high-explosives such as C4, Dynamite, TNT, etc; yet we are able to source it. We do stock various cap-sensitive binary explosives such as Helix and PLX.