Firearms Importer

As the holder of Type 08, Importer of Firearms, Federal Firearms License; and Class 01, Importer of NFA Firearms, Special Occupational Taxpayer; TXMGO offers firearms importing services for individuals, dealers, distributors and law-enforcement agencies to import firearms from outside of the country. In addition to being firearms importers, we are also importers of ammunition and explosives. For SOTs with a law-enforcement demo-letter, we can import NFA items for you. If you need firearms exporting, please see our Firearms Exporting services.

Firearm imports are governed by a Byzantine labyrinth of laws, treaties, Executive Orders, and ATF rulings. Generally an "assault", non-sporting, or NFA weapon cannot be imported. Any U.S. military origin firearms, or firearms containing U.S. military manufactured parts or components, and/or foreign manufactured parts or components manufactured using U.S. military technical assistance, are not importable; examples of this would be M1 Garand rifles or an USGI M1911. If you have questions about if your firearm is importable or not, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we'll advise you on your options going forward.

For an overview of the laws concerning the import of firearms to the United States, please click here to check out Ordnance Lab's YouTube video on the topic.

If you like to pay the $300 deposit to get the paperwork moving, you can do so here.

Required Fees:

1-3 Guns Base Fee $399
3-10 Additional Guns $30/ea
10+ Volume Import Contact Us
ATF Required Engraving * $65/ea
CBP Tariffs ** Varies between ~3% to 5% of Declared Value
ATF Excise Tax *** Varies between 10%-11% of Declared Value
Miscellaneous Fees **** Usually $50-$100 (N/A if we Arrange Shipping)

Optional Services:

Shipping to US from abroad
Forwarding to US FFL
Payment of ATF Excise Tax for Customer***
Payment of Foreign Export Fees
$150+ Actual Cost if We Arrange
$35 for First Firearm, $20/ea Additional
$50+ Actual Cost
$50+ Actual Cost if We Pay
Airport Pickup Fee (if required)***** $150 (N/A if we Arrange Shipping)


*Federal Law states that all Importers must engrave their name, city & state each firearm they import into the United States. Firearms will be laser engraved as inconspicuously as possible with "TXMGO" and "Houston, TX" below.

** General range of tariffs.

*** All foreign manufactured firearms are subject to a 10%  Federal Excise Tax (FET) on handguns and 11% on long guns. . Since TXMGO is not selling these items and only acting as importer of record, the person receiving the guns in the U.S. can decide not to pay FET to TXMGO. However, TXMGO will require a signed statement from the person receiving the guns that they are aware that they are personally liable for FET payment fee directly to ATF.

**** Various fees are assesseted by CBP for importing items into the US, these include the Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF), of 0.3464%, with a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $485; if mailed or brought in by air. If brought in by sea,  a Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) of .125 percent is collected. Additionally many airlines, and ports assess a processing fee, storage fee, or other charge. Any extra storage fees incurred due to TXMGO's oversight or mistake, will not be charged to the customer. However any storage fees arising from circumstances beyond our control, such as Customs not releasing an item, will be billed to the customer.

***** If we do not set up shipping, typically we have to go pickup the shipment at the airport. In addition to driving to and from the airport, it never takes less than an hour of waiting around the cargo terminal to get the shipment from the airline. Due to the time involved and the hassle of dealing with often not very bright airport staff, we charge $150 if we have to go pick up the shipment from the airport.