If you are interested in turning your event or party into a literal blast, and you have the space; TXMGO can help you have a unique, professionally run, and safe event. We can bring machine-guns to shoot, grenade-launchers to fire, flamethrowers to burn things with; and with the right amount of property, even explosives to detonate and/or to blow things up with (cars, appliances, etc). Unfortunately at this time we do not have the required space to host such an event; yet we are able to come to your property or a range near you.

Our base price within a 50 mile driving distance, based on Google Mapsfrom our shop is $599. Additional miles traveled beyond 50, are $1.07 per mile (GSA rate for both ways). If the distance is over 150 miles, or is a multi-day event; an additional per-day fee based on the GSA per diem for the area will be charged. If accommodations and/or food is provided, the per diem will be reduced by half. A $499 minimum of explosives and/or ammunition will be alloted and billed for each additional day on site.

Included in the base price is the following:

150 rounds 9mm/45ACP (MP5, full-auto Glock, 1911, etc)
150 rounds 5.56mm (M16, etc) or 7.62x39 (AK47)
150 round belt for M249 SAW
25 rounds of 12/20 gauge birdshot
3x 40mm M781 40mm training "Chalk" rounds

Additional ammunition can be purchased at the following rates:

25rd Magazine 9mm $20
25rd Magazine 5.56/7.62x39 $25
75rd Drum 7.62x39 $75
50rd Belt for M249 SAW $75
100rd Belt for M249 SAW $125
25rd Magazine 300 Blackout Subsonic $50
5 rounds 12 Gauge Buckshot  $10
25 round box of 12/20 Gauge Birdshot $15

With the proper amount of property to safely contain explosions, Explosives can also be included at the following rates:

Per Blasting Cap $50/ea
Det-Cord under 500ft Total $2.00/ft
Det-Cord over 500ft Total $1.75ft
Pound of High-Explosives under 50lbs Total $25/ea
Pound of High-Explosives 50lbs-100lbs Total $23.50/ea
Pound of High-Explosives over 100lbs Total $20.00

Due to DOT Hazmat requirements on explosive, we use binary, liquid explosives, combined with detonation cord which detonate at approximately 21,000 fps. C4 detonates at approximately 26,500 fps, Dynamite at approximately 24,000 fops, and TNT at 26,000fps. If you would like to use other explosives, they are an option; but the cost is significantly higher, and the transportation fees are very expensive. 

Use of the X-15 Flamethrower is $75 per fill, and will be dependant upon local and county regulations, such as burn bans


We reserve the right to refuse, or cancel an event for any reason, at anytime.