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  • 37mm Rubber Balls

These are 37/40mm rubber buckshot rounds loaded with 80 .62 caliber rubber projectiles, which can be both direct and skip-fired. The 37/40mm rounds can be fired in both 37mm and 40mm weapons.

These items are controlled as explosive materials by ATF requiring storage in an explosives magazine and must transfer to either a government agency or to a Federal Explosives Licensee.

This item cannot be shipped and must be picked up at our location.

Prices listed on the website are for items in stock at TXMGO's licensed location in Houston, and ready for immediate retail purchase by qualified individuals and agencies. For routine ordering, please email us at info@txmgo.com for quotes on items.

If you purchase 37mm or 40mm ammunition and are unable to complete the transaction because you are not purchasing it on behalf of a government agency or do not have a Federal Explosives License, you will incur a 10% restocking fee as provided in our Terms & Conditions.

37mm Rubber Balls

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