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  • ALSG101 Sting-Ball Grenades*

The AMTEC Less Lethal ALSG101 is a less-lethal rubber ball diversionary device ("flash-bang" or "sting-ball") that which produce approximately 130 dB at 5 feet, and emit 1-2 million candela. In addition to the light and sound, the ALSG101 seres can be had with no projectiles, .32, .45, or .40 caliber rubber balls which expand in a 360 degree pattern. An OC or CS charge can also be included. 

Due to ALS's dealer contracts, this product can only be sold to government agencies. If you purchase this and are unable to complete the transaction because you are not purchasing it on behalf of a government agency, you will incur a 10% restocking fee as provided in our Terms & Conditions.

ALSG101 Sting-Ball Grenades*

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