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  • ALS1212T 12ga Stabilized Triton Bean Bag

The AMTEC Less Lethal ALS1212T is a 12ga stabilized less lethal bean bag munition that is designed to produce blunt trauma and pain compliance when fired out of a 12 gauge less lethal shotgun. The bean bag is designed for exceptional flight ballistic stability to provide accuracy from smooth bore shotguns. It is recommended the operator attend an ALS less-lethal instructor training course to better understand product performance and injury potential.

Prices listed on the website are for items in stock at TXMGO's licensed location in Houston, and ready for immediate retail purchase by qualified individuals and agencies. For routine ordering, please email us at info@txmgo.com for quotes on items.

Due to ALS's dealer contracts, this product can only be sold to government agencies, individual law-enforcement officers, and fellow dealers. If you are not one of those categories of individuals and attempt to purchase this item, you will be charged a 10% restocking fee as provided for in our  Terms & Conditions.

ALS1212T 12ga Stabilized Triton Bean Bag

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