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The AMTEC Less Lethal (ALS) TAC-40 is a double action/single action, single shot, 40mm Less Lethal launcher designed to fire all categories of 40mm ammunition (including HEDP), but is specialized for the 37mm and 40mm less-lethal ammunition up to 8" in length, including the ALS4006D REACT, ALS3702 Power Punch Bean Bag, ALS4060 Hornets’ Nest and ALS6727CS Multi-Projectile Launchable CS rounds. The rugged, lightweight construction of this launcher makes it perfectly suited for use in corrections and crowd control environments.

The ALSTAC-40 is also available with an orange Gun Kote finish to distinguish it as a Less-Lethal weapon, and as part of our "Go Kit" incorporating either one of two launchers in a Pelican case with a variety of ammunition.

The listed price is based on item being immediately purchased in stock at our Houston facility. For routine ordering, please contact us for a quote.

Due to ALS's dealer contracts, this product can only be sold to government agencies. If you purchase this and are unable to complete the transaction because you are not purchasing it on behalf of a government agency, you will incur a 10% restocking fee as provided in our Terms & Conditions.



ALS TAC-40 40mm Less-Lethal Launcher

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