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  • 0.42lb Red-D-Prime High-Explosives

Red-D Prime is a detonator sensitive, nitroglycerin-based emulsion high-explosive with a putty like texture packaged in plastic film or rigid paper tube cartridges for priming small to medium diameter blast holes.

This is a 1.1 high-explosive; it cannot be shipped and must be picked up from TXMGO's facilities.

This product can only be sold to government agencies and holders of Federal Explosives Licenses/Permits. If you purchase this and are unable to complete the transaction because you cannot legally purchase it, you will incur a 10% restocking fee as provided in our Terms & Conditions.

Pricing is reflective of explosives currently in-stock and available for immediate purchase without any minimum quantities. For routine ordering, please contact us for a quote.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of explosives to anyone for any reason.

0.42lb Red-D-Prime High-Explosives

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